Sunday, June 3, 2012

A prayer by Bahá'u'lláh

Glorified art Thou, O Lord My God! O Thou Who art my God, and my Master, and my Lord, and my Support, and my Hope, and my Refuge, and my Light. I ask of Thee, by Thy Hidden and Treasured Name, that none knoweth save Thine own Self, to protect the bearer of this Tablet from every calamity and pestilence, and from every wicked man and woman, from the evil of the evildoers, and from the scheming of the unbelievers. Preserve him, moreover, O my God, from every pain and vexation, O Thou Who holdest in Thy hand the empire of all things. Thou, truly, art powerful over all things. Thou doest as Thou willest, and ordainest as Thou pleasest. 
 O Thou King of Kings!
 O Thou kind Lord!
 O Thou Source of ancient beauty, of grace, of generosity and bestowal!
 O T hou Healer of Sicknesses!
 O T hou Su fficer of needs!
O Thou Light of Lights!
 O Thou Light above all Lights!
 O Thou Revealer of every Manifestation!
 O Thou the Compassionate!
 O Thou the Merciful!
 Do Thou have mercy upon the bearer of this Tablet, through Thy most great mercy and Thine abundant grace, O Thou the Gracious, Thou the Bounteous. Guard him, moreover, through Thy protection, from whatsoever his heart and mind may find repugnant. Of those endued with power, Thou, verily, art the most powerful. The Glory of God rest upon Thee, O Thou rising sun! Do Thou testify unto that which God hath testified of His own Self, that there is none other God besides Him, the Almighty, the Best-Beloved.


 [The original Arabic of this healing (and/or protection and healing) prayer is printed in the very popular collection of Bahá'u'lláh's prayers known as Ad'iyyih-i-hadrat-i Mahbub, which was first printed in Egypt in the Fall of 1919 (Mashíyyat 76 B.E.) and has been reprinted many times, most recently by Bahá'í-Verlag of Germany in 1980. This particular prayer is on pp 206-208. The Research Department has found that this is an authentic Tablet revealed by Bahá'u'lláh in the Arabic language. This is a copy of the authorized translation.]