Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nations are devoted to conquest and bloodshed

Nations are devoted to conquest and bloodshed, filled with the animus of
religious hatred, seeking the good pleasure of God by killing and destroying those whom in their blindness they consider enemies. How ignorant they are! That which is forbidden by God they consider acceptable to Him.
God is love; God seeketh fellowship, purity, sanctity ; these are the attributes of Divinity. Therefore, these warring, raging nations have arisen against Divinity, imagining they are serving God. What gross ignorance this is! What injustice, blindness and lack of realization!
Briefly, we must strive with heart and soul in order that this darkness of the contingent world may be dispelled, that the lights of the Kingdom shall shine upon all the horizons, the world of humanity become illumined, the image of God become apparent in human mirrors, the law of God be well established and that all regions of the world shall enjoy peace, comfort and composure beneath the equitable protection of God.

`Abdu'l-Bahá:The Promulgation of Universal Peace P. 290