Sunday, August 3, 2014

 Guidance hath ever been given by words, and now it is given by deeds. Every one must show forth deeds that are pure and holy, for words are the property of all alike, whereas such deeds as these belong only to Our loved ones. Strive then with heart and soul to distinguish yourselves by your deeds. In this wise We counsel you in this holy and resplendent tablet.

The Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh
ای فرزند کنيز من
 لازال هدايت باقوال بوده و اين زمان بافعال گشته * يعنی بايد جميع افعال قدسی از هيکل انسانی ظاهر شود چه که در اقوال کلّ شريکند و لکن افعال پاک و مقدّس مخصوص دوستان ماست * پس
بجان سعی نمائيد تا بافعال از جميع ناس ممتاز شويد * کذلک نصحناکم فی لوح قدس منير *

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